Specialty Diets (Gluten-Free, Vegan, etc.) cost an extra $15.00

Cookies (Order minimum: 2 dozen)

  • Chocolate Chip (no nuts unless requested by commission order) -$1.25/each  

  • Snickerdoodles - $0.50/each

  • 1-2-3 (Short) Dough (Basically, sugar cookie dough for cut-out cookies)

    • With flavor variations (chocolate, vanilla bean, cinnamon, various fruits including but not limited to citrus.) - Prices vary on design and size

  • Biscotti (Hazelnut, walnut-chocolate chip, almond-cherry, etc.) - $1.25/each

Bars (Order minimum for blondies and brownies: 16)

  • Brownies (standard brownies w/ or without nuts) - $1.25/each

  • Blondies - $1.00/each

  • Fruit Bars (blueberry, raspberry, mixed berry, etc.) - $2.50/each (No minimums)

Cakes* - Available in rounds in 6", 8", 10", 12", squares in 8", etc.  

  • Chocolate

  • Vanilla Bean

  • Marble

  • Lemon Pound

  • Apple Cider (Seasonal - September through November)

  • Pink Champagne (Wedding Specialty) 

  • Other (including but not limited to: red velvet, almond chiffon, etc.)


Cupcakes (Minimum Order: 1 dozen [Jumbo], 2 dozen [standard])* 

  • Above varieties (except marble)


  • Chocolate Ganache (including flavor infusions and variations [ex. White chocolate and lemon; white chocolate and berry tea, etc.]) 

  • Buttercreams of various flavors (including but not limited to white chocolate, lemon, dark chocolate, cinnamon, etc.) 

*All cakes and cupcakes are frosted with American buttercream and/or requested variations. Decorations will be made with buttercream, fondant, gum paste, wafer paper, modeling chocolate, royal icing, isomalt, candied fruits, etc.*

*Prices for customized cakes and short dough cookies are variable based on  size, design, and time.*